10 Hikes To Take Your Kids On This Summer

This Blog was written by Michael Chang

Please see this article on http://m.vancouvertrails.com to read more about these great hikes to try out with your family!


"With the kids out of school and the warm summer months upon us, there are many hiking trails that offer great family outings throughout south western British Columbia to explore. Some of the many benefits of taking your children hiking are learning about the local nature and environment, physical activity, and the ability to explore the outdoors.

It’s important to know your child’s physical ability and to do research on any hiking trail that you may consider taking them on. While I have seen children as young as 3 or 4 years old hiking up North Shore trails, I have also heard parents say that some trails are too difficult for their children. It’s important to pick something that’s age specific and not something that is physically going to overwhelm your child."