Redwood Park the Hidden Gem for Families!

Trees at Redwood Park

This is a beautiful park, located in Surrey at 17900 - 20 Avenue. This park is full of trails, beautiful trees and the beauty of nature. Also hidden by the trees is a wonderful playground for kids.

There is a toddler friendly area filled with big magnifying bubbles, 4 way teeter totter, toddler slide and more. The older kids park has a large climbing structure and a big slide. Also on the playground are large platform swings and also a sand area for digging and more!

In the park there is a fort replica of the original one that you can check out (can’t go inside) but it is still neat to see just located a little ways from the playground. After the treehouse take the pathway behind the treefort house (to the right) and along the way you will find two fairy doorways located on two different trees. We even saw some fairy dust under their door! This excited my daughter as she loves fairies! I have no idea how these doors Tree fort at Redwood Parkappeared but my daughter sure tried to pry them open, I was sure to let her know that fairies only come out at night and when humans are not around.

This park & playground seems to fit a variety of ages as there is so much to explore and to play, I would highly recommend this park as a must see this summer. There are numerous amounts of picnic tables around this park so if you can pack a picnic you sure could make it a wonderful day!

Fairy Door at Redwood ParkHistory: 80 acres of land owned by deaf twin brothers, David and Peter Brown in the late 1800's, the land was given to them by their father on their 21st birthday. Around 1893 they started planting the beginnings of what amounted to 32 different species of trees from around the world, including a grove of Redwood's from seedlings. They were particularly interested in evergreens and began to collect seeds and seedlings from as far away as Russia, Austria, Japan, France, Italy and California. They decided to build a two-storey treehouse to live in, it was rebuilt several times because of fires. They donated the land to the City of Surrey, the original treehouse has now been replaced.

Here is a brochure with more info and a map of the park to help you find your way! If you want to share a park be sure to email me, I would love to share it with other parents!

Redwood ParkRedwood Park

Redwood ParkRedwood Park Redwood ParkRedwood Park