WIN a pair of HEELY'S!

Heely shoesCONTEST CLOSED, Elaine LaFollette of Langley won the Heely's!

Heelys are the shoes that are also skates! Heelys come with removable wheels in the soles allowing you to walk or roll; so as well as being stylish, they are also great for improving your balance and co-ordination.

The winner of the competition will be able to take their pick of any of the wide range of Heelys available from

Also included in the prize will be an instructional CD-ROM to help get you started and a set of replacement wheels with smoother bearings for when you want to go a little faster.

Kids Vancouver's Gives HEELY'S TWO thumbs up!

My kids LOVE these shoes! They can roll around when they please, giving them a freedom to glide when they want. When my daughter heard about possible contest she was over the moon excited and begging for me to let her try a pair.

Even my son is a big fan at age 5! Both kids give a BIG two thumbs up for this product. Not just the fact they can roll when they want but the quality of the shoe as well. Even I was very impressed with them, from top to bottom. Also I love the fact it will help with my son's balance as well. You can also remove the wheel and have them just as normal shoes, so that is an added bonus! They also have a two wheeled option for younger kids, and when they get the hang of it they can make it one wheel for a more advanced level.

Overall they are great fun and must have for kids!


HOW TO WIN you ask?

We are giving away 1 set of shoes
(1 winner will be chosen)

1. Enter our contest form

2. In the above form, in the additional info, tell me what wheely's you or your child would like to win, visit's site to see the shoes!

This contest ends August 22, 2014 at 8pm.

*item will be mailed to you!

Heely shoes