The Green Scene by Sue Sinclair of Raspberry Kids!

Where do you start when it comes to greening your lives and the lives of your family members?

Raspberry KidsI personally started by reading a few books including the Virtuous Consumer, Organic Baby, among others. I have also subscribed to, or pay attention to several trusted green Mommy bloggers or consultants.

I do not profess to be any sort of expert on the topic but like you, I am asking lots of questions. I am reading labels and I am conscious of what I buy and where I buy it from.

Price is not necessarily an influencer for me. My mother used to say that "You get what you pay for" and I think that old adage still rings true today. It isn't to say I have expensive tastes or get caught up in specific brands or designer labels and I do not buy a lot of stuff. What I do try to do though is buy quality items. Products that will last and can be used for a lifetime or passed down to future generations. Some of my most cherished possessions are heirlooms that have been in our family for many years.

For those of you that have read my story, you will know I have lost both of my parents as well as my father-in-law and while cleaning out my parents house, my sister and I came across many items that we were familiar with from our lifetime but also items that had gone back for generations and in a lot of cases were inClementine Arts   natural art products better shape than comparable present day products. Quality and longevity used to be the hallmarks of many brands but we have since got caught up in cheap, cheaper, cheapest! The sad reality and irony is that there is a price to pay for cheap. The price we pay is sometimes reflected in the status of our economy, it may also be with our health given the significant amount of discoveries of toxins in every day use products and when we buy products that do not last, we ultimately pay again because we feel the need to replace the item because it broke, was faulty or didn't last.

We have also always tried to support our local merchants and neighborhood establishments because if we don't, we know we will lose them. And now, as a small business owner myself, I REALLY get this. I love that I can walk to a post office, pharmacy, restaurants, butcher, several bakeries and coffee shops. Awwwww, coffee! Nothing beats a mocha and a family walk on a rainy day in January or given our current weather, a rainy day in June or July! The establishments I frequent the most and prefer to patronize are those that know my face and my name when I walk in their door and who really and truly appreciate my business.

At Raspberry Kids, we have opted to use our taHopscotch Kids Nail Polishgline as the criteria for products we sell and if the product isn't fresh, healthy, fun or a combination thereof, it doesn't make the cut. We also try to live our lives with the same tagline and find that by being fresh (ie. buying local, planting a small garden), by being healthy (ie. exercising & eating well) and by having fun (ie. :-), XO's) we are automatically greening our lives.

We are very proud of some of our most recent Clementine Arts natural art products, the most amazing salon quality eco-friendly nail polish from Hopscotch Kids and the innovative Vapur anti-bottles which eliminate the need/use of disposable water bottles and of course we are always on the lookout for new environmentally responsible products all the time. Vapur  Anti-BottlesRaspberry Kids is pleased to offer Kids Vancouver readers 15% off their purchases using promotional code: kiv15 at checkout. This offer is valid on all items except electronic gift cards and sale items.

We would love to hear your thoughts on the "green scene" and find out what your tips and tricks are!

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