"Ride the Rails" on a Burnaby Central Railway Mini Train!

trainOur son loves trains, lives and breathes trains, so we took him to the Burnaby Central Railway Mini Trains. He has been before and he just loves it, and so does our entire family.

How fun to actually ride the mini train going across bridges, switching tracks, going through a tunnel and looping around the track!

When you enter you add your train coins that you purchased to the ticket deposit box which makes for a old fashioned fun entry to the ride. Both times we have gone the line up has not been long to wait.

When we were there they had two trains running one electric and one steam. The trains are beautiful, each train I was told is worth around $15,000 all the way to $80,000. We rode the trains twice and was able to ride the steam train and also the electric. It was neat to smell the coal and see the conductor fill it up with coals, so we can "ride the rails". The place has railway crossing signs, check your brakes signs and little items you can spot along the side of the rails while on the ride.

I think each train takes appox 15-20 people if I remember correctly. The ride is about 10 minutes long. Enough time to feel you had a fun ride. We went two times, which was enough for us and saved the leftover tokens for next time.

trainTickets are $2.50 each, we paid for the 12 rides for $25.00, as if you don't use all the tickets, they don't expire. A small way to save some money and also to not line up again in case of a line-up.

If you have a Thomas and Friends train enthusiast, or kids who love trains in general, I would for sure bring them as my son is and he absolutly loves it. Even my non train fan 9 year old enjoyed it.

Also there is a gift shop in the building where you can buy train shirts, wood train railway parts and even train paintings. All quite reasonable prices! At the ticket booth they have train keychains and a train whistle usually available for purchase as well. Hope you enjoy the ride!



Burnaby Central Railway
Confederation Park
120 North Willingdon Avenue
Burnaby BC


$2.50 single ride ticket (Good for one 10-15 minute ride.)
$25.00 12 ride passes (12 rides for the price of ten!)

The 12 ride pass is a great deal for frequent passengers, and there's no expiry date, so you can take your unused rides on your next visit to the park.

Children less than 3 years old ride free of charge!

Group rates are available for group picnics, birthday parties, and other groups. Please check the Group Functions pages for more information.


Info about the trains:

trainWhether steam, diesel or electric in appearance, all of our locomotives are built to look like ones that have been, or are, in service on railways around the world.

We have three battery-powered miniature electric and diesel locomotives, as well as a gas powered hydraulic engine, that are ready to respond quickly when demand for rides is high.

Our most prized engines, and the ones that everyone wants to see and ride on, are four hand-crafted steam engines: each locomotive has been built from drawings, patterns and castings, and then machined, fabricated, and welded into a finely detailed 1/8 scale miniature of the full-sized prototype.

The proper coal for small steam locomotives is hard to find in Canada; therefore, three of our engines burn propane, and only one is coal fired. Why not stop by and see if you can spot our coal fired steamer, or better yet, ride behind it?


More information about the volunteers or more information visit:


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