What is the meaning of New Year's resolutions?

new years resolutions

Every resolution you make on this day implies that you can make choices to change your life.

According to Forbes, only 8 percent of people actually achieve their New Year's resolution. Fact: The most popular resolution every year is to lose weight.

But what is the purpose of making such goals and resolutions? Why bother? Making New Year's resolutions (and doing it again after failing last year's) stresses that people want to be happy. That is why you resolve to be healthier, more ambitious, be more patient with the kids, less surfing online, more playing outside, more quality family time and the list goes on and on... Your life is in your hands, take it by the reins and make it happen. 

So every day, fill your champagne glass of life full and drink to your life and the joy that it can and should be every day.

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