Be sure to check out the new Queenston Park in Coquitlam!

Queenston park

We finally made time to head out to Queenston Park! I wasn't sure if it would keep both my kids busy as I have a  6 year old and a 10 year old. I find it hard to find a park that keeps both kids happy. But to my suprise both of them enjoyed it!

But who wouldn't! With the recycled rubber safety surfacing all over, giving a bounce feel when you walked over it, which allows the parents to feel safer too with the cushioned ground is pretty neat. The colors are very earthy too with a fun appeal. 

There are two playgrounds on the lower part both with slides, the bigger one with a climbing wall and a net, both having different ways to climb the structures. But the best part is the hill. There is a lane of netting you can climb up and down, or climb using the the bars, or the ladder style stairs or even the rope you can use to climb up and the cool hillside steps. The big appeal is the long slide that goes pretty fast which is super fun.

My only complaint is in the hot sun the slide can get hot. Also on the hill are large rubber handholds like circular sponge items created  to climb up the hill as well. So much creativity and so much fun. Love how this playground has so many innovative ideas and the kids love it.

There also is a basketball court beside the park if you have older kids they could play there while your younger kids enjoy the playground. There is about 4 benches around the park, but I would bring a blanket to sit on, and if its a sunny day bring a shade tent or umbrella as there is virtually no shade there. Dont forget the water to re-fuel the kids especially on a hot day. There was a porta potty near the entrance if your child needs to go to the bathroom while you are there.

We loved the park, however it was 24 degrees when we went so it was super hot there with no shade, but made for a fun quick park trip!


3415 Queenston Avenue


(Parking is limited as its on a residential street, please keep this in mind on a busy day)



Climbing net structure to larger playground set.

Queenston park

The long slide!

Queenston park slide

Hillside steps and rubber handholds

Queenston park

Ladder style steps

Queenston park

Net Climbing

Queenston park

Larger Play Structure

Queenston park

Up top the Slide

Queenston park

Pano image from uptop of the playground

Queenston park

Pano image from the side view of the playground

Queenston park

At the top of the hill was a grass area to enjoy a snack or picnic!

Queenston park

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