Change Your Hair

Hello, my name is Stephanie.

And I'd like you to meet a very special person in my life - my dad, Patrick.  the best.  the funniest.  the most genuine, honest, hardworking and handsome guy.  10 years ago this August, he lost his battle to cancer.  i was 20 years old. 

Ever year, the days leading up to August 13th have been a time for self-reflection with close friends and family on what I have gained, lost, and learned since my father lost his battle with liver cancer in 2003. Now, ten years later, I'd like do something a little different in commemoration of his death and turn his anniversary into a way of giving back to others.

Anyone who knew my father remembers his youthful spirit and his devotion to his family. As he left us before getting the chance to meet his grandchildren, I have chosen to remember him by making a difference in the lives of children who are fighting cancer.

This is my dad:
“It doesn't matter how much money you make or what others say or think about you, what matters in life is how you treat others and what you do for them" - Dad

This is the plan:

On August 10th, at Diefenbaker Park, I am collaborating with Wigs for Kids, friends, family and local shops and businesses to organize a raffle during one of Tsawwassen's Outdoor movie nights.

We are going to host the raffle at the Tsawwassen Movie Night on August 10th, featuring the Dr. Seuss classic, The Lorax. Click here for more information. Come see us at our booth so you can enter to win exciting prizes from our generous donors, such as a month of yoga at Shanti Yoga here in Tsawwassen (valued at $128) or a $25 Gift Certificate to Nikko Sushi.

We also plan on giving out small tokens of gratitude to all those that make a donation at the event, ranging from button pins to illustrated prints based on donations. For any single individual who donates $200 or more, I will provide a professional, high-quality 15-minute Portrait Session.

In addition to the raffle, local florist and good friend, Erin Crowle of Our Little Flower Company, will be selling mini bouquets and bouteniers to help raise funds for the cost of making a wig from real human hair.  Wigs? you ask.  But who is donating their hair???...


Where you come in:

While the donation part is all taken care of there, there is one last part to this entire event and this is where you come in: I am going to cut off my long, silky hair and donate it to Wigs for Kids to make a wig!


Also donate here!

Hair Cut

Cutting of my hair is not an easy decision but it's free. Making the wig itself with my hair will be the costly party with costs ranging from $2000-$3000. My goal therefore is to raise $3000 and in return, I have provided a bunch of sweet tokens of gratitude for your awesome generosity to be distributed at the event:

•Photobooth with Props: (A slideshow of all the photos along with your name will be posted on my website, following the event)
•"Change a Life" buttons to remind you of the difference you have made
•Illustrated prints by fellow artist and photographer Coreena Lewis and myself
•Set of 25 custom designed buttons for your next event or party
•15 Minute Studio Portrait Session
•Photos and upates of my progress

On a last note, I'd like to share with you a few of the last posts from my blog leading up to my father's 10th anniversary.  

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