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Peekaboo Beans February Cribcrasher Sale!

Peekabbo Beans Sale

My Favorite kids clothing line is having a sale! Both my kids love this clothing line! Being a mom of two sensory sensitive kids, I was thrilled to find Peekaboo Beans. With soft fabrics, no labels and easy to play in, it is a great find.  Also they make it easy to put on with no  buttons, tiny snaps or tiny neck holes! 

Act on this sale quick before they are sold out! Click the image above to shop or click here.

Peekaboo Beans has Released their new line "In the Woods"

In the Woods Peekaboo Beans

In the Woods Peekaboo Beans

The fall collection from Peekaboo Beans is stunning to say the least! The Peekaboo Beans Fall 2014 collection, 'Into the Woods'. Inspired by images of fairy dust and iridescent wings, old growth forests and the creatures who call it home.  

Your beans will look trendy, chic  and best of all they will be comfy in these easy to wear super stylish fall beans! The colors in this collection are simply gorgeous. Already a few pieces already sold out. Be sure to check out their new line before they are gone! Click here to shop!

In the Woods Peekaboo Beans   In the Woods Peekaboo Beans

Releasing on August 12 at 10am, Peekaboo Beans & Cici Beans has a new collection called "With All My Heart" and will sell out quickly upon release. Be sure to check out the new collection. Full of adorable baby wear, cute girls and boys wear and sophisticated Cici Bean wear for tweens. All kid friendly fabrics and comfortable, while still looking stylish!

Click here to see the new Collection (launches August 12 at 10am)

 Fall Launch Peekaboo Beans

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