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13750 - 88th Avenue
Phone: 604-501-1232
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Bear Creek Train

Bear Creek Park is located at 13750-88th Ave in Surrey. Take Highway 1 to 152nd St, south to 88th Ave, west to 137th St, then left into the Surrey Arts Centre parking lot.

Bear Creek Park is one of the most all-encompassing parks out there. It truly has something for everyone, and is all-season. Of most interest to kids are the Bear Creek Park Train, miniature golfm the playground and the summer pool and spraypark.

Age Group: 

Fun for all Ages!

Babies: Babies will enjoy the ride on the train. It moves quite slowly and there are no jerky motions. The preschool playground has small scale equipment which babies can play on with assistance. There's also lots of sand around to get dirty in! Of course a walk in the gardens is always lovely and since the paths are paved, it's easy access for a stroller.

Toddlers: Heaven for toddlers! The train is fun and not too fast. And the playground is mecca. A trip through the gardens is also fun as there are lots of paths to run along. This is a great energy-burning park!

Older children: Older kids (say, older than 6) will probably find the train a bit dull during the daytime. But, when the lights go on at night (Christmas Train) or the characters come "alive" at Halloween, it's probably much more interesting for them.

Also they have a miniature golf course to keep them entertained!

The playground is varied, but there isn't much challenge in terms of climbing. There are lots of structures in the shape of vehicles (boats, trains, etc) so it's good for imaginative play. There's also tons of grass, so you might want to bring a ball and have a game of pick up soccer or football.

Hours of Operation: 

Hours change throughout the year to accomadate special events, please see web site for hours


Various, changes throughout year for special events, pleased see web site.


The Bear Creek Park Train is a miniature train that snakes through the woods for around 8 minutes. There's lots of seating and regular departures, so it's unlikely you'll have to wait long for a ride. And, if the wait is long, there's plenty of other things to do while a lucky adult can wait in line!

The train operates year-round as it is covered. Established in 1996 in association with the City of Surrey, Parks, Recreation and Culture Department. The Bear Creek Park Train features Eddy the Engine and Chough the steam locomotive operating on a 15 inch narrow gauge track.

The Bear Creek Park Train is owned by Eddy the Engine and Friends Enterprises Ltd. It is a licensed narrow gauge railway that operates according to the Railway Act of British Columbia. It also has seasonal interest; the forest becomes decorated with lights and seasonally-appropriate characters.

In the fall, there's the Halloween Train (not for kids under age 8 at nighttime, but fine during the day). In the lead up to Christmas, there's the Christmas train.

The Christmas lights go on at 5pm and Santa appears nightly from 6pm to 9pm until December 24. Other themes are Easter Long Weekend Festival, Canada Day.

It's probably three times the size of the average park playground. There's far to much stuff to descibe it in any detail. Suffice it to say that there are enough swings, slides, tunnels, bridges, nets, teeter totters and creative climbing structures to satisfy most everyone.

There's even a completely separate preschool playground. All the play equipment is set in sand. And, in the summer, there's even a spraypark and the Bear Creek Pool, a big outdoor pool! The pool is not a tot pool (the shallowest area is 1metre) so adults need to supervise closely.

Also, in this park, you'll find the Bear Creek Gardens. Pass under the aptly-named gate and cross a bridge over a salmon habitat stream into the 5-acre gardens. There are lots of paved pathways. In growing season, there's lots to explore in terms of horticulture.

Finally, there's a sports field with a running track, as well as the Surrey Arts Centre, in this park. Definitely, the big highlight for younger kids is the train and the playground. There's so much to see in the woods that the 8-minute train ride will pass very may need to go for a second round! If your kids really love it, they also do birthday parties.


1. There are public washrooms at the train (year round) and washrooms and changerooms at the pool (summer only).

2. There is a picnic area, so it's easy to make your trip to the park last a few hours if you bring snacks and/or lunch. There is no public food concession, however the train "station" sells assorted junk food.

3. The playground area is quite shaded in the summer time.

4. Make sure kids stay seated on the train. Although it doesn't go fast, the only thing closing off the doors of the cars is a small chain.

5. The train station serves hot dogs, Good Humour ice cream products, slush puppies, popcorn, cappucino drinks, coffee, tea and soft drink beverages. They also have a popular candy counter!

6. Bring your suntan lotion in the summer for you and the kids!