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6339 200th Street
Phone: 604-534-9966
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Age Group: 

Babies: Don't make a special trip just with a baby. If the baby is accompanying an older child, then by all means bring the baby along. He or she is bound to get something out of the outing.

Toddlers: Toddler Zone created just for them!

Older children: What kid doesn’t love games and rides!

Hours of Operation: 

**Hours are subject to change, so please see site or call before you go!


Varies on games and rides!


Chuck E. Cheese's is a great place to let kids of any age free to run, jump, climb and play on the games, rides and attractions. From the coolest video games and high tech simulator rides to our Skytubes attraction and kiddie rides for the little ones - we have fun covered. To help separate the older kids from the younger kids, our game rooms are arranged into different sections: Toddler Zone | Kiddie Area | Skill Games & Arcades

Toddler Zone: A play area with age appropriate rides and activities!

Games: All kinds of games! Racing, skill, sports and of course video games. They choose games that are wholesome safe and non-violent play

Activites: That don’t take tokens, such as sky tubes, sides, stage shows and video programs for kids and adults to enjoy. Free and fun!

Rides: Spin on a carouse, fly in a helicopter ride, rumble around in a bulldozer or jump a waverunner. Rides vary by location, call and find out what Langley’s has to offer!

Prizes: Pay to win prizes, as you play, you win tickets, redeem the tickets as the prize counter where there are dozens of prizes to choose from.

Food: Lots of food, but most of all they are known for their pizza and most kids love pizza! They also have appetizers, salads, sandwiches and desserts!

Parties: They have great party packages, call them for more information or check out the web site!

  1. Weekday mornings and afternoons at Chuck E. Cheese's are great times for parents with young children to host their playgroup event
  2. I would go over what areas there is to see and find which one as a group do they want to see and try to do it activity by activity as there is a lot to see and do!
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