Dad Resources website - details

Vancouver dads is a not-for-profit organization in Vancouver that organizes completely free events for Fathers to attend, participate in and enjoy with their children.  Whether you are a first time father, or a father of multiple children we provide positive energy and come together to enjoy this beautiful city (and surrounding areas) that we live in! more

The Dad Jam website - details
Phone: 604-709-5699

The Dad Jam is a large-scale web conversation on various fatherhood topics. It is the one and only, and therefore biggest :-) , Dad Jam on the web! Moms and dads-to-be are welcome to jam as well of course! more

Dad Camp website - details
Phone: 604-709-5661

DadCAMP is a site for creative and modern parents. The blog entries are written by Dads, but our focus isn’t just at Dads. The site is accessible for all parents wanting to share stories about their kids, discover new things to do with their family and get tips and tricks to navigate the parenting mindfield. more

The Funky Stork website - details
Phone: 604-538-2624

A full, detailed website with information on pregancy but this one is for the dads. Has sections on "your role", bits on how to conceive, a pregnancy tracker, shop with some great fun gear, all sorts of good stuff. U.S. based site, but good for any expectant Dad. How to change a diaper, what to pack for the hospital, how to give a preganacy message, baby proofing and so much more! Great resoource for dads to be and new dads! more

SAHD Central (Yahoo! Groups) website - details
Phone: 604-279-7025

More than 30 local, national, and international groups listed. With SAHD's (Stay At Home Dad's) becoming a more familiar sight on the playgrounds, many groups have been forming to help with the exchange of tips, share frustrations, arrange play dates, share jokes, or more

Meetup for Dads website - details
Phone: 604-435-3161

Meet other Dads in your local area. Discuss a fathers roll as well as parenting, school, and other various "dad" related topics. more website - details
Phone: 604-671-4965

Set of articles for and about SAHDs more website - details
Phone: 604-723-5683

Traipsing through this jungle called parenthood. more website - details
Phone: 604-985-7138

Providing advice, humour, sanity and community for house dads. more

Dad Squad website - details
Phone: 604-734-1776

Dad Squad is a place for Dads to chill out with other Dads. Once we have built up a good number of members we hope to start meeting up in 'real life' and maybe even have a beer or a ginger ale or two as a group! We are also building up a wide range of Dad-specific resources such as links, articles, news, reviews and blogs.

Tons of dad related links go to for more links! more

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