12th Annual Surrey Kids Conference 2018


Have your child be a part of the 12th Annual Surrey Kids Conference! This exciting, free, workshop is for children ages six to 12. Workshops will include physical, educational, creative and inspirational components.

How to Register

    In person at any recreation facility
    By phone at 604-501-5100 or

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Friday, November 16 - Workshops

Ages: 9-12 years
Registration Code: 4638240
Explore City Hall

Take a behind-the-scenes guided tour of your City Hall! Explore features of the building such as council chambers, the performing arts stage, and the Traffic Management Centre. You will discover how the City works, meet a traffic engineer, and learn about different services and programs along the way. Presented by: City of Surrey, Healthy Communities.
Break to the Beat

In this workshop children will learn some of the fundamentals of Break Dancing, while expressing themselves and creating their own style and movements. Presented by: Edmar Reyes.

Saturday, November 17 - "Stream A" Workshops

Registration Code: 4638241 (Ages 6-8 years)
Registration Code: 4638243 (Ages 8-10 years)
Registration Code: 4638245 (Ages 10-12 years)
Play it Fair

Trained youth facilitators, along with Equitas staff, will lead an engaging and participatory workshop that will teach children about their right to be heard, and to identify issues they see in their community. The workshop will increase children's awareness of their rights as well as encourage them to express themselves. Presented by: Equitas - International Centre for Human Rights Education.
Biodiversity: The Fabric of Life

Presenters will bring in animals from around the world! Children will learn about the characteristics, behaviours, and habitats of a variety of animals, including insects and small mammals. Presented by: Urban Safari Rescue Society.
Your Voice, Your Park

Learn why parks are important, how we can protect nature in parks, and how we can share parks with animals and other living things. Experience nature in a 'flyover' video and play sensory based games and activities to share your ideas that will help design the new 3km long Nicomekl Riverfront Park. Presented by: Surrey Parks.
Saturday, November 17 - "Stream B" Workshops

Registration Code: 4638242 (Ages 6-8 years)
Registration Code: 4638244 (Ages 8-10 years)
Registration Code: 4638246 (Ages 10-12 years)
I Have Rights!

In this session, kids are invited to explore the children's rights that speak most to them. Children can make a personalized button, take part in a scavenger hunt and collaborate on a community art poster. Smile for the camera, attendees will also take home a commemorative Polaroid photo featuring children's rights! Presented by: Surrey Libraries.
CanCode Robotics

In this workshop, students will be introduced to how computers work and how computer scientists program our devices. They will then get to try their hand at robotics by programming a robot! Join us and discover your inner imagineer, tech wizard, and super cool science geek! Presented by: Science Al!ve, SFU.
Express your Voice, Experiment with Art Stamps!

Using upcycled materials sculpt your own art stamp to express yourself! After creating your take-home stamp and prints, add your marks to a giant collaborative banner. Friendly and experienced artist-educators will share techniques and encourage your creativity. Presented by: Surrey Arts Centre.
Parent Participation - Saturday, November 17 at 2:30pm to 3:30pm
Shattering the Image

*Held in City Hall Council Chambers - no registration required

Shattering the Image is an anti-gang presentation that is tailor-made for Surrey parents and community groups. Facilitated by the Surrey Gang Enforcement Team (SGET), this presentation shares the true story of gang life in Surrey and its consequences, shattering the glamourized image of gangs. Shattering the Image aims to give the hard facts on gangs, so adults know how to talk to kids about these topics and identify warning signs. The Surrey RCMP is committed to a long-term strategy to address the issue of youth criminal involvement by promoting positive choices for kids and accessible support and guidance to parents. Presented by: Surrey RCMP.



Location name
Surrey City Hall,
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13450 104 Ave
Surrey BC

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