Alouette Tree Farm

*check dates and times before you go

Welcome to Alouette Tree Farm!

Open until supplies last. Until supplies last. Until supplies last.


Welcome to our farm!


Hours for Christmas 2019:

Saturday, November 30  -  9am-5pm

Sunday, December 1 - 9am-5pm

Thursday, December 5 - 12pm-6pm

Friday, December 6 - 12pm-6pm

Saturday, December 7 - 9am-5pm

Sunday, December 8 - 9 am-5pm


Please be patient with us as we seek to re-establish our seedling stock. As well, trees take time to grow and we 

need to close for the season once we sell out of size-appropriate stock. Thank you for your understanding!




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Alouette Tree Farm
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23083 132 Avenue
Maple Ridge BC

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