Cinderellas - Evergreen's Youth Engagement project

Join our youth engagement students as they present this cross-cultural, award-winning retelling of Cinderella. They’ve been practicing all summer and are ready to debut this work to audiences at the Evergreen.

When her mother tells her bedtime stories featuring Cinderellas from Russia, Japan, and India, Little Cinders learns that there are princesses all around the world just like her. Calling all actors, singers, dancers, and martial artists! A magic book is opened with the help of her fairy godmother….and off they travel to meet “Vasilisa” in Russia, “Princess Chujo” in Japan, “Shakuntala” in India.

Written and Directed by Mandy Tulloch.

October 8-12

Location name
Evergreen Cultural Centre Studio Theatre
Location Address

1205 Pinetree Way
Coquitlam BC

Event Start Date
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