H and M Christmas Tree Farms Inc.

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Both pre-cut lot and u-cut farm are located on the south west corner of Steveston Highway and Gilbert Road in the City of Richmond.

The pre-cut lot stands 400 high quality Christmas trees on display with a full range of sizes and varieties for your selection. Sizes range from table tops to 15’ and varieties include Douglas Fir both dense and open or natural, Grand Fir, Fraser Fir, Nordman Fir and Noble Fir. There are balled and burlapped live trees up to 7’. There is an open fire for roasting complimentary hot dogs and hot apple cider; donations are collected for the Richmond Food Bank. With the cheery atmosphere of Christmas decorations and the acre of lights, the pygmy goats in their Christmas house and the rabbits hopping through the setting: families forget that they are 30 minutes from downtown Vancouver. The lot opens on Nov. 26th and operates from 10am to 10pm every day through to Christmas.

The U-Cut farm is 600 feet west on Steveston hwy. from the intersection of Gilbert Road and Steveston Hwy. The farm was freshly planted 6 years ago and the trees range from 5’ to 12’ in height. The Grand Firs are up to 8’ and the Fraser up to 6’. There are balled and burlaped live trees available up to 7’ in height. There are fresh sawdust pathways and a tractor and trailer to assist in moving the larger trees. There is an open fire on the weekends and complimentary hot apple cider and hot dogs with donations collected for the Richmond Food Bank. During the week there is hot apple cider available. The U-Cut farm opens Nov 26th and operates from 9am to dark every day through to Christmas.

Our web site is www.handmchristmastreefarm.com and our telephone is 604-304-4264


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Richmond BC

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