ImaginEmpathy for Parents

Connecting parents' empathy to kids' cooperation, healing, and growth


An informative and interactive evening with child & youth therapist, Dr. Noah Susswein


You Will Learn:


- The difference between having empathy (a solo act) and showing empathy (which takes at least two)
- How to understand and 'get' your kid(s) even when they can’t or won’t talk about their problems
- How to have more patience and increase the chance that your kids will cooperate


Bring an open & curious mind and be ready to take a look at your parenting and modelling as you learn more about ImagineEmpathy, a powerful new approach to an old and important topic.


Dr. Susswein is in private practice in West Vancouver and specializes in treatment of you, children & young adults. His style is relaxed and professional and he brings over 15 years of experience helping kids and families to live more dynamic and happy lives. 


Monday February 23rd, 2015    7- 8:15pm   FREE to the public

Location: Athlete's Village

1 Athlete's Way, Vancouver, B.C., V5Y 0B1

Please call 604-912-0264 to register in advance

seating is limited - please call to reserve a seat


Presented by Vancouver Psychology Centre

Location name
Creekside Community Centre
Location Address

1 Athletes Way
In Athletes Village
Vancouver BC

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