A Mirror Maze: Numbers in Nature at Science World


Never look at the world the same way again. A Mirror Maze: Numbers in Nature is an interactive and immersive exhibit that exposes and explains the mathematical patterns that abound in the natural world–from the delicate nested spirals of a sunflower's seeds, to the ridges of a majestic mountain range, to the layout of the Universe–providing a unique perspective of our daily surroundings.

The centrepiece of the exhibit is a 1,800-square-foot elaborate mirror maze in which guests can explore and navigate a seemingly infinite repeating pattern of mirrors. Interactive elements throughout the exhibit allow for hands-on learning to understand that math is all around us in everyday life, revealing the beauty of our world through numbers.

A Mirror Maze: Numbers in Nature opens February 22, 2019!

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1455 Quebec Stree
Vancouver BC

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POINT (0 0)
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Science World
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