Scuba Claus Is Back at the Vancouver Aquarium

Santa Claus may fly through the sky but Scuba Claus prefers a dive and high-five! In case you’re wondering who Scuba Claus is, you’re in for a treat – Scuba Claus visits the Aquarium every year to swim merrily amongst the salmon, rockfish, sturgeon and sea stars in the Strait of Georgia exhibit. Attend this dive show and you may just be lucky enough to get a high-five through the glass from Scuba Claus himself.

Scuba Claus is only here for the month of December, so be sure to visit him soon. Scuba Claus will be diving daily during the weekends, as well as between Dec. 21-24. Visit our daily schedule for more information on Scuba Claus, as well as other activities and programs.

Location name
Vancouver Aquarium
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Vancouver BC

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