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6 Tips on How to Create Better Photos of your Kids Guest Blog by Katrina Stewart

I feel so very lucky, as a photographer and a mom, I’m able to create some great images of my kids. In fact, I’ve had a few friends tell me they wish they could too! So I thought I would share with you some tips to create better photographs of your kids.

1 - Look for great light and then look at your background. This is not an easy thing to do (or explain!), but if you’re outside, you’re looking for “light shade.” This usually means that light is blocked from directly overhead and on at least one side, with light coming into the area from one direction. Once you’ve found that, then figure out what your background is doing. Beware of objects “growing” out of someone’s head or really bright colours that will distract from your subject.

bad light picture

Here’s an example. In this image, my daughter decided that she didn’t want to go to the park but wanted to play out on our deck. I wanted to take her portrait, so I made do with what I had. As you can see, my deck is not particularly photogenic... in fact, it’s downright messy!

However, it does have great light. Our deck is south facing, and also has a deck right above it. This means that late in the day, the light that is filtering through to the back of the deck is beautiful! It’s soft and flattering and because it is blocked overhead, you don’t get dark circle in the hollows of the eyes.

Professional Picture of girl

This is one of the images that I created. I stood my daughter on the wood box and had her face the light. The end result is I don’t have to worry about the ugly background, and I still get to use the great light!

2 - Whenever possible, avoid the use of on camera flash. Typically it leads to photographs that are too bright and washed out looking. It also usually create a flattering photograph. If the room is dark, (and your camera can handle it) increase your ISO.

3 - Have your kids say “hi”, instead of “cheese” or something similar. You’ll usually find