Dad Resources - details
Phone: 604-325-4225

A Web site that serves as a clearinghouse of articles and information for fathers who are at home raising their kids while their wives work outside the home. more

Babycenter - Dad’s section! website - details
Phone: 604 533-4425

Includes topics ranging from making the baby, keeping your friends with a new baby, to planning and saving for college. more

BC Men's Resource Centre website - details
Phone: 604-205-5089

Works to ensure balance in matters relating to men, and advocates change in areas of bias and inequality. Offers a drop-in support group for fathers who have more

Community Action Program for Children (CAPC) website - details
Phone: n/a

Provides long term funding to community coalitions to deliver programs that address the health and development of children (0-6 years) who are living in conditions of risk. It recognizes that communities have the ability to identify and respond to the needs of children and places a strong emphasis on partnerships and community capacity building. You can do a search just for father involvement programs. more

CoParenting Canada - details
Phone: 604-922-2076

Custody, access, supervision consulting and resources for men. more

Dad Blogs website - details
Phone: 604-467-2273

Dad Blogs is a social networking site primarily for dads and dad bloggers, providing opinion and information from a dad’s point-of-view. What makes Dad Blogs special, however, is its more

Dad Camp website - details
Phone: 604-709-5661

DadCAMP is a site for creative and modern parents. The blog entries are written by Dads, but our focus isn’t just at Dads. The site is accessible for all parents wanting to share stories about their kids, discover new things to do with their family and get tips and tricks to navigate the parenting mindfield. more

Dad Squad website - details
Phone: 604-734-1776

Dad Squad is a place for Dads to chill out with other Dads. Once we have built up a good number of members we hope to start meeting up in 'real life' and maybe even have a beer or a ginger ale or two as a group! We are also building up a wide range of Dad-specific resources such as links, articles, news, reviews and blogs.

Tons of dad related links go to for more links! more

Dad Stays Home website - details
Phone: 604-298-6633

Welcome to experiment in social networking for stay at home dads. The current "" style feature allows stay at home dads to post articles or blog posts relating to SAHD issues. more website - details
Phone: 604-942-8167

The web log for new dads. more

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