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The George C. Reifel Migratory Bird Sanctuary consists of nearly 300 hectares (850 acres) of managed wetlands, natural marshes and low dikes in the heart of the Fraser River Estuary.This refuge is a wonderful place to go for a walk on a nice day (and keep in mind that when it's raining in Vancouver, it might be sunny to the south) along two miles of gravel paths. It's fairly fine gravel, so it's easy on stroller wheels. This is an important wintering area for migratory birds and you'll be amazed at the number of waterfowl, particularly ducks. Over 268 species pass through the sanctuary and it is a nesting ground for many.

The Sanctuary is 13 km west of the Village of Ladner in the Municipality of Delta. Ladner lies west of the junction of Highways 10 and 17, and is 30 minutes drive from Vancouver. From Ladner, follow Ladner Trunk Road west to 47A Avenue and on to River Road. Follow River Road for 3 km and cross the bridge to Westham Island. Follow the main road to where it ends in front of large black gates. The driveway to the left leads to the Sanctuary's parking lot.

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