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The Serpentine Wildlife Area (SWA) contains 71.3 hectares (176 acres) of habitat important to wildlife. SWA is managed by the British Columbia Ministry of Environment, Lands and Parks (MELP) to protect the area's habitats. The agricultural lands south of 44th Avenue are owned by the Ministry of Transportation and Highways and are not part of the wildlife area, but are currently managed by MELP for the benefit of wildlife. These lands are referred to as the Serpentine Annex.

King George Highway and 44th Avenue. Located at the east end of Mud Bay in Surrey. Watch for a tall wooden observation tower that stands out on the east side as Hwy 99 passes over the Serpentine River. Farther east you can see yet another of these. Exit Hwy 99 at Crescent Beach and head north on Hwy 99A (King George Hwy) for a short distance to 44th Ave. A garden nursery is located at this junction. Turn left and drive in to the parking lot and picnic area. The towers aren't hard to find because they are the tallest structures on the fen.

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