Our Children, Our Future: Raising Resilience for Children with Anxiety, ADHD, Sensory Issues, Autism

Feb. 26 – 10:30AM to 3:30PM 

Discover the SOLUTIONS behind the symptoms of Anxiety, Irritability, Distractibility, Brain Fog, Picky Eating, Aggression, Sensory Issues,.....

Michelle Riddle, OT, HNC presents LEADING SCIENCE (from University of Alberta, Arizona State University., Simon Fraser University, and Other International Health Professionals) that explains how chronic neurodevelopmental  symptoms can be prevented or reversed.

  • Discover what lies beyond the behaviour by looking to the roots of the issues

  • Create foundations for function with habits that heal

  • Engage with stories of hope because our children are our future





BC Children's Hospital Research Institute Rm 2108
4480 Oak Street
Vancouver, BC
Location name
BC Children's Hospital Research Institute
Location Address

Rm 2108 4480 Oak Street
Vancouver BC

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