Weirdos Holiday Market

Vancouver’s one-stop-shop for all things unusual, unique, and out of this world! We are here to unite the local and outlandish artists and vendors at the

​Ukranian Cathedral Hall on East 10th, ​December 14th and 15th, 2019. 

Our aim: find the most awesome and unconventional artists who create gifts from the kooky to the macabre for the strange and eccentric folks looking to fulfill the quirkiest of needs on their holiday shopping lists. Our Christmas wish is to celebrate Vancouver’s weirdoes, the love of collecting, the skill of upcycling and the thrill of finding the perfect gift!!

2017’s inaugural Weirdo’s Market was attended by over 2,000 curious consumers, with many of the vendors selling out of product before the end of the weekend. 2018’s Weirdo’s Market topped that with a bigger space and over 4,000 passing through its doors! For this year’s event, the focus has been on finding the best space and location to get as many people through the doors and hone our skills for presenting and supporting our artists and vendors. We are so excited to gather a new hand-curated selection of vibrant vendors slinging everything from witchy wares to anatomical curiosities, rogue taxidermy, to collectibles, jewelry, textiles, one of a kind art, and so much more! Our event will also present  a plethora of other amazing offerings, including tarot card readings, DJs, games, food, performances, a BAR (obviously), and literally anything else we can think of.


Location name
Ukrainian Cathedral Hall
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154 East 10th Avenue
Vancouver BC

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